Website Startup 101

This road-map will help you navigate getting started with an online business. This will also help guide you if you are moving a brick & mortar business online.

Step 1: Domain Name & Hosting

Purchase Your Domain Name:

This is the 1st thing you must do. This secures the domain name of your choice for the foreseeable future. Even if you are not ready to have anything developed its always good to beat everyone else to the punch as domains are 1st come 1st served.

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Purchase Hosting for your Domain Name:

Adding hosting to your domain will allow you to create and receive e-mails to your branded addresses. This also makes your website accessible to the world.

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Third Party Hosting

SiteGround Logo If you prefer hosting from a third-party I strongly recommend SiteGround. I first used them in 2006 and they are the only provider I recommend.

Thus far following this guide you've spent ~$89.99.

Did you know for a flat $99 I can develop a one page site for you? My Development Micro bundle does just that. And it only costs $65/year thereafter to renew. (As long as the site does not outgrow the server).

Step 2: Development/Design

Hire a Developer/Designer:

Once you have an idea of all the things you want your site to be able to do and you’ve decided on budget you can begin looking into a design/developer. To help you bring your vision to life on the internet. A micro development package @ $99, is a great place to start. Have your design developed and implemented and you can grow the site at your own pace for no additional cost.

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Upkeep is very important to the security of your website and the safety of your clients, customers or readers. Performing the check list below will also keep your website in optimum condition.

Maintenance (Monthly)

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  1. Update Content
  2. Update CMS (if applicable)
  3. Update Plugins/Add-On (if applicable)
  4. Moderate Comments
  5. Backup!

I want to make sure that you know I am here to assist in anyway possible. You can reach me via; Twitter — Tweet Hashtag “#HelpGM” Facebook — Private Message

These channels will create support tickets for you. If you found this guide helpful share on one of the social media sites below. Thanks.

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