How I Got Started: In 8th grade one of my teachers offered a before-school class teaching web design. Unfortunately, I did not have the means to arrive at school before 7am to partake often. I got back into Web Design back in freshmen year of high school (2002). AOL had a learn HTML in 10 steps a I completed that tutorial and I was hooked again. Plainfield High school did not offer many computer related classes so I continued to self-study working in platforms such as Joomla. Clients during this time: YorkVille Studios, Redrum Records & KoolFM 103.3

College: I moved away from Joomla as WordPress offered more flexibility. I was able to create custom page formats, posts types, and content feeds. I graduated BFIT with an A.S. in Computer Technology & University of Phoenix with a B.S. in Information Technology Support. In college, I took C++, Java I & II, Web Design I & II. Clients during this time: Esther Dyer, Rena Rental Agency, YorkVille Studios, PLacEs Soldiers, & House of Hope

Current & Future Plans:
I moved to North Carolina for more opportunities in IT work and that has worked out. I am establishing myself as an IT Professional in Durham, NC. In this day and age, the struggle is real. In most places money and profit matter more than the people helping to achieve said money and profit. I always take a lean approach to implementing solutions and providing services. Being Lean does not mean you have to sacrifice quality or your goals. Accomplishing your goals and guaranteeing your satisfaction across the board is held in the highest regard here at G. Mills Solutions. Working lean is a great way to accomplish it all. And I am here to quarterback a strategy for you. A major goal I would like to accomplish is a simple solution for people to convert their websites to iOS and Android apps. A solution that is cost effective and timely. In the mean time hope to design full-time in the next few years with God’s blessing.


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