’22! Tuh

It was a rough year. I was reminded yet again that working for someone else I’ll never be able to afford the simple things like visiting my family. My grandparents are getting older and live over 1500 miles away. I’m quickly approaching 35 and that has really shifted my perspective.

I didn’t have mentors but over time I’ve discovered ways to DIY my businesses to reduce costs and maximize income.

Get started building your own business.

I believe there is enough money in this world for those of us that figure that out.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

We’ve missed out on valuable intergenerational knowledge, while other cultures, unburdened by constant survival, have shared success blueprints. My mission is to provide you with this information and guide you over the initial hurdles of your journey.

To convince you, I must first prove it to myself. Thus, I present a social experiment showcasing my life’s accomplishments: success, faith, discipline, patience, and emotional intelligence.

Germaine Mills For The Love of Hip Hop

Some of

My Skillset


A.E Degree in Computer Technology

working in tech


Helping Businesses



B.S Degree in Information Technology Support

  • WordPress
  • Divi Builder
  • Domain Name Management
  • Web Hosting
  • HTML5
  • CSS3


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