Since my initial post on the Buffer App 2 months ago I have noticed since 08/27 I am not seeing as much of an increase as I had seen on that day. On 08/27 I increased my reach by 3,800% & people engaged increased by 600%. How did I achieve this?
1) Followed Details in my Bufferapp – Best Times to Post article.
2) I shared the post on my personal account.

Let’s be frank. If you are like me and you are just getting your business off the ground or were on hiatus and still have a lot of ground work ahead you may or may not have already reached the required insight minimum of 30 likes on FaceBook. There is no way I would see such whopping numbers from my awesome 30 Likes alone. Same goes for my other accounts I increased my potential reach by re-sharing my tweets on my personal page. Both personal accounts I’ve had for years and have 100s more likes/friends and followers than my business accounts.

HINT: If you have created separate accounts use your personal account to promote your business from day one.

Since that great day in August I have not reshared any of my business posts to my personal account and it shows. I have reached no more than 5 people with a single post. This week 10/22 – 10/28 I made 3 posts. My reach went up 200% but only reached 3 people.

TIP: If you upgrade your Buffer Account to the Awesome Plan you can have multiple FB accounts and have posts added to your personal timeline automatically.

Closing Thoughts
Before I started looking into reason behind this I thought to myself Wednesdays must be my best day to post. At this time that is inclusive but check back over the next few weeks to see the results of various experiments so we can evaluate the results.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to your thoughts and comments. – G

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