I was listening to an SPI podcast episode and Pat mentioned the waybackwhen machine which I have not used in quite sometime so i decided to pull my very first domain name purchase axafam.com. I found the intro from my 17 year old self and was impressed at 25 with how certain she was about what she wanted to do. I shared this with my mom and she said it was priceless. So I decided to share what I would tell her today.
February 10TH, 2006 BIOGRAPHY Hi, and welcome to AXAFAM.Com, This is my fist website that I’ve owned. I’m currently 17 but I’ve designed & created many sites and pages. My biggest project other than this was my site for the Carty Family. I’m currently a Senior at PHS. I plan on owning my own design and repair company during my college years. I’ve been design website for the last 4years, but I’ve just started getting into graphic design.As you can tell i spend a lot of time on my computer unless I’m at school, work, or rarely out chillin’
17yr Old Germaine

Cashier, Target

Hey little one everything I am about to say is from a place of love. And no one will ever love you quite like I do.

Do not go to college. At this point you’ve already missed your opportunity to graduate high school with a certificate in your field. Two actually if you count missing CCNA by less than a hundred points. Your journey is not over. Get your A+ certification and build on it. This will get you to where you want to go faster and cheaper and you will avoid a lot of life problems. If you still decided to go to college, Live on campus. I know what your thinking but the cost of your education is going to be there when you graduate anyway might as well go ahead and get that life experience you need or you will regret it. And go to Rutgers stay on campus you will be on your own but your Mom will always be there for moral support. Plus it was a dream to get in there and you did remember that.

Forgive your parents. They had you young, not everything went right or smoothly. You also cannot be mad at them for things they do not know or continue to be mad at things you and they know were failures. Let it go, you will be better for it. My last two most important things.

Go to church. You have many many questions still to be answered. The answers you seek can only be found within. To get these answers you have to love and accept yourself the way God wants you to. And when you pray, leave it to God. Do not carry things with you no one will ever know who you are because you are to concerned with everything else to let yourself enjoy the things you have worked hard for.
Do not give up on your passions. I know this is due mostly to lack of instructions or guidance in your life. You are the only nerd you know. That is OK. Keep at it you will or you will have a burning desire to continue shortly after you give you and you will lose you vision and momentum. You will also have to constantly start from scratch. Best way to retain your knowledge is to consistently use it.

I hope everything I have said makes sense to you in more ways than one. I hope this thoroughly impacts your future decisions and above all I want you to know it gets much better, enjoyable even.
Love, G. @ 25.

What would you tell yourself today?

photocredit: yeyen1 / photodune

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